The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce is committed to the continued prosperity of area businesses and residents.

While not immune to the headwinds of the national economic downturn, Bedford County has a thriving business community that has grown significantly in recent years with the addition of manufacturers, distribution centers, and lodging establishments.

Small communities connected by fields, streams, and highways form the backbone of Bedford County, which was established in 1771, from parts of Cumberland County.

Named for the fort that tamed the area for the settlers to follow, the area is still a popular stopping point for weary travelers. In recent years, the area has become not just a stop along the way, but a destination, since the restoration of the beautiful, historic Bedford Springs Resort.


Rural in nature, visitors to this area admire our rich history and enjoy the surprisingly wide range of shops, restaurants, and attractions that form the heart of our downtowns.

Exploring the streets of Bedford and Everett–our two largest towns–is a popular way to spend the day.

Many local businesses have invested in improvements that have made our towns come alive. Enjoying the peaceful, safe environment we often take for granted, guests are bringing a new prosperity to our community.

If you are a visitor or new resident of Bedford County–welcome!

Feel free to browse the topics below to learn more about our region. If you have any questions about Bedford County, please call us at the Chamber (814) 623-2233. We are here to help!


Farming has played an integral part in the development of Bedford County’s culture and communities.


Bedford County’s lively arts scene offers residents and visitors sophisticated events and activities.

Business & Industry

Bedford County’s business community continues to make strides toward the future.

Commerce & Finance

Bedford County’s labor force is nearly 25,000 strong.


Community spirit is a strength of Bedford County and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Dining & Lodging

Centuries of travelers have stopped in Bedford County to rest, relax and refresh.


Educating over 7,800 students in grades K-12, Bedford County Schools are teaching the workforce of tomorrow.


The County of Bedford was established on March 9, 1771.

Health & Human Services

Bedford County residents are fortunate to have the broad array of health care services.

Historic Places

Bedford County is a historical treasure.

Homes & Real Estate

Home ownership has historically been one of the best investment an individual could make.


Escape the tedium of everyday routines by exploring Bedford County’s parks, golf courses, and waterways.


Joining the list of locales that offer truly unique shopping experiences, Bedford County’s retail choices continue to grow.


Technology is often used to solve common challenges.

Transportation & Logistics

Since the founding of our nation, Bedford County has been an important stop on the road to progress.