Since the founding of our nation, Bedford County has been an important stop on the road to progress.

Since the founding of our nation, Bedford County has been an important stop on the road to progress. From the early Forbes Road, known as the way West, to the Lincoln Highway, which became the first road to span the nation, to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the nation’s first high-speed, limited access highway, to the new Interstate 99 Innovation Corridor, Bedford County has been at the juncture of history and progress.465_Fotolia_3730144_X

Two of the area’s largest assets are its proximity to major markets and great access to many of the state’s most vital arteries. The Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-99, and Routes 220, 56, 26, 30 and 36 are all key to our economic success.

It is not surprising that Bedford County is becoming a popular site for distribution centers. National business leaders Wal-Mart and REI have selected Bedford as the home for their regional distribution centers.

After years of nearly constant construction, most of the major local highway projects have been completed.

The relocation of 220 South around the Bedford Springs, relocation and expansion of Route 30 between Mile Level and Everett as well as the upgrades to Route 56 North have all been finished, and the result is it has never been easier to get around the area.

Bedford County also has a general aviation airport, located near the Bedford County Industrial Park.

Type of Service Paid Employees Annual Payroll($1,000) Establishments
Transportation & Warehousing 1,491 50,828 69
Air Transportation 0 to 19 D 1
Nonscheduled Air Transportation 0 to 19 D 1
Truck Transportation 201 6,254 27
General Freight Trucking 50 1,826 11
Trucking Long Distance 39 725 13
Specialized Freight Trucking 151 4,428 16
Transit & Ground Passenger Transportation 211 1,169 25
School & Employee Bus Transportation 185 1,394 23
Other Transit & Ground Passenger Transportation 61 362 4
Scenic & Sightseeing Transportation 20 to 99 D 1
Support Activities for Transportation 29 1,043 5
Support Activities for Road Transportation 20 to 99 D 3
Freight Transportation Arrangement 0 to 19 D 1
Warehousing & Storage 0 to 19 D 3