Bedford County Outdoor Adventure Encourages Recreation Appreciation

The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce has re-launched an important initiative aimed at celebrating and promoting outdoor recreation, recognizing its multifaceted benefits to both the local economy and residents’ quality of life. By harnessing the region’s natural beauty and recreational assets, the Chamber seeks to support local businesses related to outdoor recreation, and to continue to cultivate a vibrant community that prioritizes health, wellness, and stewardship.

First presented during the Covid-19 pandemic, the initiative is presented in partnership with REI with additional sponsorship support from Structural Fiberglass, Inc. and Blue Knob All Seasons Resort.

At the heart of this initiative lies a recognition of the economic opportunities inherent in outdoor recreation. Bedford County boasts a diverse array of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, camping, and more, which serve as magnets for locals and visitors seeking adventure and relaxation. By promoting these opportunities through the Find Your Adventure: Bedford County Outdoors initiative, the Chamber aims to bolster local businesses, from outdoor gear retailers to restaurants and lodging establishments, creating a robust ecosystem that sustains livelihoods and drives economic growth.

Moreover, the emphasis on outdoor recreation aligns with a broader vision for enhancing residents’ quality of life. Access to natural landscapes and recreational opportunities not only fosters physical health and well-being but also strengthens social ties and community cohesion. As residents engage in outdoor pursuits, they forge connections with one another and with the environment, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in their locale.

The Bedford County Chamber’s initiative represents a forward-thinking approach to community and economic development, one that recognizes the intrinsic value of the region’s natural assets. By leveraging outdoor recreation to support local businesses and and enrich residents’ lives, the Chamber is not only promoting prosperity but also nurturing a sustainable and vibrant community for generations to come.  LEARN MORE and Find Your Adventure Here