Women in Business Winter Luncheon: Communication & Creativity

Women in Business Winter Luncheon: Communication & Creativity

The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the next event in our Women in Business series: a Winter Luncheon hosted by Pigeon Hill Studios in Bedford, Friday March 1st.

Amy Bradley

The event will begin with registration at 11:30am and a catered lunch with featured speaker Amy Bradley, President of the Cambria Region Chamber of Commerce facilitating a program called Birds of Different Feathers. This engaging and fun look at work styles will provide you with insight into your own communication style as well as ways to work better with others of “different feathers.” All attendees will receive a book that contains a work style assessment, allowing you to determine your communication style: Hawk, Dove, Owl or Peacock; then we’ll discuss ways to effectively communicate with those who are similar and different to your style.

Mari-Pat Beene

The day will continue with a creativity exercise facilitated by artist Mari-Pat Beene (don’t worry if you don’t feel like an “artist”!) who will help us create a work of clay with a special message about being creative. Guests will take home a reminder of the exercise as well.

Cost to attend is $69 (Chamber members will receive a $10 discount. Space is limited so register today!

For more information, call Kellie at 814.623.2233.

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