Launch & Land Initiative Addresses Future of Region

Launch & Land Initiative Addresses Future of Region

The Bedford County Chamber Foundation, in conjunction with the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the Launch & Land Initiative.

Designed to encourage the region’s best and brightest students and young adults to Launch & Land their dreams in the Bedford County region, the initiative includes a myriad of programs, events and resources to foster entrepreneurship, career exploration, leadership development, community involvement and pride in our area.

2018 YLBC Class

Programs include:

  • Allegany College of Maryland partnership for business education, including:
    • Ongoing seminars and workshops for local businesses & aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Ask the ACM Expert sessions addressing needs of local companies
    • Health & Wellness educational programs & events
    • Business Internship Program
  • BASICS Programs (Businesses and Schools Investing in Cooperative Solutions)
  • Youth Leadership Bedford County Programs
  • Bedford County Student Entrepreneur Contest
  • Showcase Career Fair & Elementary Career Field Day
  • Scholarships for students/young adults to attend the Chamber’s educational and networking programs, including ACM business education events, Women in Business Conference, Lunch-n-Learn events, etc.
  • Bedford County Young Professionals’ Events

And upcoming NEW opportunities as part of the Chamber’s Russell House Business and Education Center:

ACM Partnership Announced in 2017

  • Shared-Space Incubator Program
  • Accelerator Offices
  • Leadership Library for Business
  • Entrepreneur Support System through SBDC of St. Francis, PeopleMation & SCORE

The Launch & Land Initiative will address the serious issue of “brain drain” in the Bedford County region, which is declining in population and aging in overall demographics according to the last decade of census data.By encouraging young people to LAUNCH their businesses and LAND their families in Bedford County, the community will be enriched by the energy and diversity of the future generation of community leaders, complimenting the skills, expertise, experience and passion of the existing population.

The Bedford County Chamber Foundation and Chamber of Commerce have been offering career exploration and leadership development programs for many years with a focus on cultivating a pride in the future workforce and leaders of our region. By supplementing these programs with supported entrepreneur and business development resources, as well as opportunities for young adults to make meaningful connections in the community, the organizations are committed to putting forth the important message that Bedford County is a wonderful place to live, work, play and prosper for all generations.

Expanding on the high school Business Community Showcase Career fair, the Foundation will offer an Elementary Career Field Day at Shawnee State Park for 5th graders, imprinting the important message that there are good careers in Bedford County at an earlier age.

Ongoing educational programs and resources through the Chamber’s groundbreaking partnership with Allegany College of Maryland, including scholarships for young people to those and other Chamber events will help to solidify the connections between the millennial generation and the business community.

Social, educational and service events through the Chamber’s Young Professionals group will link the next generation to their peers and to their neighborhood.

The Chamber and Chamber Foundation will pursue grant opportunities to provide scholarships to young professionals and students for the many offerings of the Launch & Land Initiative, as well as create marketing materials, a video library and other resources relevant to the next generation of community leaders.

For more information, please contact Kellie Goodman Shaffer at 814.623.2233 or via email at

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