Escape Room Experience Offered at HIstoric Russell House

Escape Room Experience Offered at HIstoric Russell House

The Bedford County Chamber Foundation is pleased to present the county’s first Escape Room Experience inside the historic Russell House (203 South Juliana Street – on the Squares in Bedford.)

The Russells

During Halloween week (Oct. 29th thru Nov. 4th) you’re invited to take the challenge:  solve a series of clues and puzzles to escape from a room featuring one of two scenarios based on actual Bedford County history.  Participants will hear a story related to a prominent Bedford County family:  the Russells: attorneys and community leaders who in 1816 built the local landmark which is now on the National Registry of Historic Places; or the Pates, who operated a furniture business and funeral home in the building into the 1950’s.

After setting the stage with the room’s “story,” groups will be left to explore the items within the room to piece together various hints and clues that will ultimately lead to keys, combinations and passwords to “unlock” the door and escape.

The experience is designed to be a fun, educational and team-building opportunity, perfect for businesses, families, civic groups and friends. (This is not  a “haunted house” experience.)  If groups are stumped, you will have the chance to receive clues to help you solve the puzzles.

Each session is limited to 45 minutes.  Cost to participate is $20 per person; all groups will receive a photo to commemorate their achievements (or lack thereof.)

Sponsorships are available for this unique event, with proceeds benefiting the 501-c3 Chamber Education Foundation.  Volunteers are also being recruited to help with the evening and weekend    sessions.  Please call 623-2233 for more info or to reserve your time.


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